Amal Academy last session

Batch 173

First of All i was very emotional during last session because goodbye’s are always difficult.I prepared a song for my fellows. Amal journey is full of love and life learning lessons. Emotional connection and safe space in very important in life to say anything.

In last session the breakout room activity was full of fun where we have to solve the puzzles and then take pictures with that thing.

“Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success.”

You might have heard many time that visual aids help children or students to learn more but let me tell how? When you visually pay attention to an object, your mind scans the object and stores the print in your long term memory that makes you remember later.

Amal academy is a place where you visualize your dreams and make it possible by reframing and focusing on positive things. Being an Amal fellow I did the same, learned countless interpersonal and communication skills consciously and unconsciously during my Amal fellowship journey and going to visualize one of the most beautiful…


A beautiful, very fascinating, full of learning and life changing journey.

What is Journey?

First of all ,I want to mention that i applied in Amal for last 2 fellowship but i was not able to join due to my carelessness.This time I was full motivated that I have to do it.I am really blessed that I have made this decision.

Cleanliness of local food and seller’s points

As in the first blog ,we have mentioned about the plan of action and strategies to do our work. After that we continuously working on that. We personally visited many nearby local food points and provided their staff the complete guidelines.

Cleanliness of local food and seller’s point

Food hygiene and safety usually refer to contamination with ‘microorganism’ or ‘microbes’ , whereas in communicable diseases, the term ‘infectious agent’ is used . All our the world people are seriously affected every day by diseases that are caused by consuming unhygienic and unsafe food.We have to give due emphasis to good hygienic practices to prevent and control food borne diseases.

“Failure is success if we learn from it”.

Amal Academy comes up with a new interesting project for us i.e. face our fears of failure by raising funds for Edhi Foundation. Circle 1 and circle 4 collaborate with each other for this task.


“In delay there lies no plenty”

Eat that frog with a pomodoro is a personal experiment that i have conducted for experiencing the result from pomodoro technique. Here Eat that frog is basically a book which deals with different ways to stop procrastinating and using our time more productively. Frog here symbolizes the distractions that create hindrance in our way to accomplish a certain task within time. We can eat that frog with pomodoro i.e. …

Amal Totkay (growth mindset)

Amal 5 totkas self talk, get out of your comfort zone, create new habits, ask people help, fake it till you make it makes us the better version of ourselves.

Self talk gives us confidence, get out of your comfort zone tells us that we can do beyond our shells, by creating new habits we will become more creative and we can enjoy our life, ask people for help tells us that we have to do something for others, fake it till u make it makes us more passionate.

Till now i have learn many about…

Intolerance and social crimes in our society

“it is not our differences that divide us, it is our inability to recognize, accept and celebrate those differences”

While going to university, i often see people fighting at streets and roads sometimes due to some accidents and sometimes due to misbehavior. When i see those people i usually why are they so short tempered, why they don’t respect each other, why thee call themselves human.

In my opinion, such behavior reflects a person’s upbringing, a person who got proper education and proper upbringing would never show this behavior, as i want to…

Just start your goal

Amal gaves us project to start one of our goals from smart goals right now.

I selected DRUG EXPERT as my just start goal. I selected this goal bcoz its related to my curriculum. I am a student of pharm D final year.

I always think to learn more and more about medicines so that i can counsel patients in a effective way.

I selected 3 tasks for me. My first task was knowing each and everyone about the medicines which are present in my home.

Zoha Ishfaq

Pharmacist... Love to see nature ✨

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